#1 Food Tip

I was asked what my #1 Food Tip is… and i’d have to say…

“Unleash your inner artist by cooking simple and fresh- using minimally processed ingredients.  Food is all love after all!  So don’t be afraid to get fresh!”


And I’m happy to announce that junkfoodjournal is entering it’s 3rd year in publication!  Can’t wait to share with each other more foodie reads, food love, thoughts and photos together!

Happy Sunday Funday


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2 Responses to #1 Food Tip

  1. Congratulations on your blogiversary and cheers for another great year ahead. Have to say, I wholeheartedly agree with your food tip. I just published a post on three variations of a bean and tomato (and sometimes potato and zucchini) salad. Not only is it a delicious and wonderfully fresh dish, but people respond to it enthusiastically. Let’s face it, fresh food (especially vegetables) not only are good for you, but they’re pretty too!

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