APPsolutely Foodtastic

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver  NAILS IT  with his Jamie Oliver Recipes App because he not only teaches you a real food recipe with a great outcome, but he teaches you techniques which in turn teaches you…


It’s sort of like a little $2.99 glimpse into culinary school training for everyday cooking! Or free for 7 days with no strings attached- unless those strings are wrapped around chicken legs of course! :p

Here are some snapshots of the app….

IMG_1753IMG_1749IMG_1750 IMG_1751

Which i used to make these peach & maple glazed pork chops…

IMG_1781 IMG_1797 IMG_1809IMG_1812

and this hoisin chicken salad with sesame rice balls…


and this ham, leek and chicken pot pie!

IMG_1818 IMG_1821 IMG_1822

Start smiling now.


Jamie Oliver won’t just tell you what ingredients and measurements to use, he includes optional, short, likable, no-nonsense videos that give you the tools to be a better home cook.  Jamie teaches you 3:1 ratios and variations for salad dressings and proper knife skills. His belief, passion and love for food education is from the heart and oozes out of every cell in his body.

This app is great for both a beginner level- because he touches quickly at the common mistakes some people make- but it’s also perfect for seasoned home cooks who want to be challenged, or need fresh ideas or want to learn how to build flavors upon flavors. He’ll teach you how to make a herb basting brush for the grill and you’ll be toasting pecans in maple syrup and dusting off your mortar & pestle and grinding up dried, red chile peppers.  You’ll develop a better connection and appreciation for your food, because you are using beautiful produce and spices and giving them the love and attention they deserve.  It puts the love back into cooking and enables you to translate that love to your family and friends…

“for cooking is its own form of language.”  

The food photos are amazing, the app is user-friendly (hey, if i can do it…,) and it is, by my definition, lifestyle food- comfort foods using real food that is not ultra rich full of butter, not diet oriented, and not too boring or too fancy either.

You can “like” dishes when you have time to browse, and store them in “My Likes” for when you have time to shop later for ingredients- which of course is listed in a shopping list by a press of a button and updated easily for the number of people you need to serve. You may snap and share a photo through social media if you want to, or not.  And after the meal has been enjoyed by people you love, you can add notes for next time.

And if you are self-taught, like me, he will build your kitchen confidence when he confirms what you are doing right (and wrong!)  If you grew up NOT learning the proper techniques of cooking, then this App has your name written all over it, in olive oil.

So try it.

I promise

it will


Peace, love & real food

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