Photo Collection Of Cold vs Hot Lunch

“What we learn becomes who we are.”

For the last three days, i was a kid again in the school cafeteria.  I began a conversation with the girls about their favorite book series of the moment- The Boxcar Children and My Weird School.  I talked to the boys about dogs and showed them a picture of my big, slobbery Bullmastiff.  They excitedly told me all about their dogs, and how they bounce their neighbor’s dogs up and down on the diving board until they fall in the pool.  Omg… thank God those dogs are labrador retrievers and love water!

I grew up a hot lunch kid from Kindergarten to Senior year.  My children are cold lunch everyday.  I thought this collection of photos might offer a perspective to showcase the missing opportunity for not only nutrition, but also for the love and connection between us and the food that we eat.  Along with clean water, food is our life source- not only for our bodies, but it feeds our minds and our souls.  Hope you enjoy.









In my lifetime…

i hope to see every child enjoy a beautiful, yummy, fresh school lunch.  I hope these children, like the ones i met in the last few days, are fed energizing real food so the world can enjoy, to full capacity, the talents and unique contribution that only they themselves can bring

…to the table.

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