Vanilla Almond Chia Seed Pudding


Not the creamy pudding made with corn starch & butter that makes your tummy hurt and gives you a sugar low.  I’m talking the energizing, light, cleansing gelatin-like pudding made with seeds that have stood the test of time since the Mayans and Aztecs first discovered them.

If this sounds up your alley- then here’s an easy, fun recipe to make ahead of time..  It’s so rewarding waking up to a class act breakfast.  And if you pack those school lunches before bed- well then hey- you’ve got a little morning free to drink your coffee and surf the Internet for a bit.  The almond extract is the slightly dominant flavor here- so omit it if you are not a fan.  You may also consider using vanilla unsweetened almond milk instead of the regular unsweetened almond milk.

Ingredients: (makes one individual serving size)

1/4 cup black chia seeds (white look appealing in this recipe too)

3/4 cup almond milk, unsweetened (I recommend Silk brand- no carrageenan)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1/4 tsp pure almond extract

2 TBLS maple syrup

Optional:  It never hurts in a vanilla recipe to use black seeds from a vanilla bean which you scrape out after splitting the long bean lengthwise.  But this will come at a small price- they sometimes run ten dollars for two beans. I’d add about 1/4 of a bean per serving size if you choose to go this route.

Quick Toppings: Although it is nice as is, i prefer to add the ingredients below for a little sweeter, richer, more decadent pudding.  This will also mellow any bitterness if someone is trying chia seeds for the first time.

splash of cream

pinch or two of brown sugar



1.  Into each bowl, mason jar, or sealable container- add all ingredients.  Leave a little room in the jars for toppings later.

2.  Stir (or shake.) Make sure you loosen up any chia seeds stuck together at the bottom.IMG_2238

3.  Seal and keep in fridge overnight. Before bed, i like to give them one last shake!

4.  In the morning, if you choose, add a splash of cream and a pinch or two of brown sugar.

And as the old Irish saying goes-

(I say) “Top of the morning to you!”  

(Now you say) “And the rest of the day to you!”



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