You Sunk My Battleship

School breakfasts.  My children eat breakfast at home, so I don’t see first hand how bad it is on the front lines.  Well today i witnessed a little, sweet, innocent kindergarden girl on the school food battlefield.


My daughter and i had gone in early to talk to a teacher about time management on a project.  The teacher’s daughter, the little kindergartner, was emotional- I think because she was hungry.  She asked her mom if she could go to the school cafeteria to get breakfast.  The little girl came back with chocolate milk, apple juice, processed prepackaged brand name mini waffles, and i think one other packaged item.

Then, in that cute “little Cindy Lou Who voice,” asked her mom the burning key question.

“Mommy?  Should i not eat these waffles so my tummy won’t hurt?  Should i throw them out?’

Her mom, the teacher, after acknowledging the lack of nutrition responded.

“No, that would be wasteful.  Save them for later or give them back to the cafeteria.”

In the well spoken words of one of my fellow Food Revolution Ambassadors, “She already knows what doesn’t work for her, but that knowing is being undermined.”

Bad school food is wrong.  It’s stupid.  It’s heartless. It’s directed toward big business profit and not at our children’s health.  Day after day, year after year, this poor excuse for food is feeding disease into our American students and damaging their perfect bodies.

Feed those kiddos especially well this weekend!  Peace, love & real food.

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1 Response to You Sunk My Battleship

  1. Shandra Locken says:

    Amen to that. My kids are not in school yet, but I’m sure that school can smell me coming.

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