Humble Risotto

Warmth in a bowl.

A little parmesan cheese, a lot of homemade chicken stock, and the scent of onions and celery softening away in butter & olive oil.  I’m home.


Jamie Oliver just came out with his latest cookbook,

Jamie’s Comfort Food

 and i get to cook from it’s pages and write about it.  Life is good.

I started off with guts and glory and dialed up my butcher to reserve four bone-in veal shanks, for Ossobuco alla Milanese to top the risotto. My butcher mentioned they were frozen, but he’d thaw them out for pick up tomorrow.  I agreed. Unfortunately, he forgot to thaw them.

And you know what?  I’m glad the butcher forgot.

IMG_2424 IMG_2425 IMG_2426

We enjoyed a comforting, humble bowl of homemade goodness that was-

rich enough to stand alone,

flavorful enough to satisfy our souls,

and filling enough to make us happy.


Cook Simple.  Cook Real.  Cook from the heart.

Speaking of hearts, i was reminded last night what a celery “heart” was.  I just called the whole vegetable, celery.  Jamie describes it in his cookbook this way, “Click off 6 sticks of celery… leaving you with the central, yellow heart (the best and often neglected bit).”


I figured out that the 200ml of white wine which the recipe calls for is exactly one of these little guys that come in those four packs for us Americanos… but next time, i’ll get the regular-sized bottle so i can choose the brand.



I’m talking about food education-  can’t get enough of it.

This meal was perfect for our family game night on Meatless Monday.

Risotto allo Zafferano is it’s name. Monopoly was our game.  Can’t wait to experiment with other variations of this recipe.

Quote of the night goes to one of my daughters with piles of fake Monopoly money and hotels on all the orange properties-  “I eat luxury tax for breakfast.”


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