Jamie Oliver’s New #ComfortFood Cookbook

I forgot how much i love a steak sandwich.



Want to know what i say every time i cook a Jamie Oliver recipe?

“I can’t believe i just made this!!!”

It’s that good.

I love playing in the kitchen with such beautiful ingredients-


feeding the people i love real food in home cooked meals.

(It’s nice to see more smiles at our table.)

Still on my culinary high from the Jamie Oliver Recipe app, this British celebrity chef rolls out Jamie’s Comfort Food his new cookbook featuring special occasion recipes for those weekends, holidays, and other celebrations where we may want to indulge just a bit more than the everyday.  But Jamie keeps us in check reminding us to eat sensibly and even shares his Top Ten Tips for living a balanced lifestyle.

One of the featured recipes is his


I got busy shopping for the ingredients and dug into this particular recipe which gives some much deserved focus to the almighty onion, which he simmers in red wine vinegar and brown sugar to create an addicting flavor- the perfect union for the affordable and flavorful flank steak which gets seared beautifully.

I like to embrace teachable food education moments to my children as they wander in and out of the kitchen.  So when it came time for tenderizing the meat i called for three assistants- my two daughters and the long-haired blonde who made hitting things with a frying pan famous … Rapunzel!  And we bashed that flank steak silly.

IMG_2335 IMG_2337

I won’t spoil the rest of the recipe for you.  Ciabatta.  Ok, seriously stop me.



Jamie’s Comfort Food is out now. Go get yourself a copy and prove to yourself and others that you can cook like the best of them.

Peace, love & real food,


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Amy Baker Wambold follows her passion for real food, food education and teaching cooking skills through her writing and food photography in her blog, http://www.junkfoodjournal.com.  Amy was honored to become a “Food Revolution Hero” and enjoys making cooking videos, freelance writing projects, assisting in culinary classes, connecting with people on social media, and experimenting with recipe variations in her own kitchen.  Visit Amy Wambold at youtube- click on this link to enjoy a sweet “food love” video- http://youtu.be/43BSP1gwEhE.

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