Up For a Family Cooking Adventure?

A package arrived at my doorstep, with my name on it.  

I tore it open, and was giddy over the fact that author Jennifer Tyler Lee, creator of Crunch a Color, sent me her new book titled, “The 52 New Foods Challenge.”


I immediately bit off one little chunk- like a 70% dark belgian chocolate bar- reading the forewood written by none other than the fabulous Chef Ann Cooper. I bit off another small, “probably should stop now” chunk- and read her “Note to the Reader,”  before folding in the sides and wrapping it up quickly and tightly indulging in one more quick quote from Mary Poppins before putting it away for now.

“In every job that must be done… there is an element of fun…you find the fun, and snap!  The job’s a game.”

I picked it up later that evening.  First thoughts?  Hmmm, well-written.  Current.  It contains some of my favorite quotes, like the one from Michael Pollan,

“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.”

Ms. Jennifer reached out to all the appropriate people and organizations too for their opinions and research- like Harvard Health for example, whom i follow on Twitter.

She was honest about her struggles, her family, her kids.  She, like myself at first, had a hard time with those beginning messes that indoctrinate you when you first introduce your child(ren) to the kitchen.

I knew she had been through the battlefield.  

Not just the cooking battlefield, but the food education and nutrition one too.  Front line stuff.  I liked the way she honored her husband by giving him the inspiration credit for turning “eating healthy” into a game.

Can you introduce new real foods to your family each week in a meal you all shop, cook and eat together?  Are you up for The 52 New Foods Challenge?

I immediately baked a persimmon, LOL.  No seriously.

I ran into this nice acquaintance (who i run into all the time and we still don’t know each other’s names- we must live parallel lives) in the produce aisle and we struck up a conversation about persimmons.  I was clueless about this fruit, but she was food educated about them and we talked and talked.  I bought one.  She said for the price i will pay for one, i can get a whole pound at the Asian market!

So, lo and behold, Jennifer Tyler Lee had a recipe for a persimmon, using pantry ingredients.  So i baked it off.  Isn’t she beautiful??


My two daughters tried it- it was a new taste for them.  I was talking to their taste buds, and their taste buds were listening- they didn’t slam the door.  It intrigued them, and they kind of liked it.  Food Education!!!

Maybe you’ll check out this new book and introduce “the fam” to a new food, and maybe even nominate three friends to try a new food this week too.

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