Let’s Rock the Love Boat


Are you living under a rock of rock candy or have you stayed current with our children’s food system…

you know, the one that took thousands of years to make, but only about 3 generations to destroy? 

The day of love is a week away.  Love is a virtue of kindness, compassion and affection.  Buying heart candy that tastes like chalky aspirin to make your kid more popular in school isn’t love.  Love isn’t selfish or boastful.  Love is kind, remember?  You’ve heard it at just about every wedding ceremony.

Care for the health of your children’s classmates.  And don’t buy it just because it’s “cute.” Diabetes is not “cute.” Neither are colds and flus from weakened immune systems. Now of course you can have a few hearts- just not 25 boxes that you eat until the Easter bunny fills his (her?) basket.

Buying cheap dyed sugar because it’s fun to feed your kids crap- because it makes them smile, isn’t love either- that’s selfish too.  You are doing it because YOU like to see them happy and because when you were a kid it made YOU happy.  The smiles only last a short time- then their tummies hurt and they hit an energy low. And don’t do it because life is short. Well, it’s even shorter now… according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention our kids will be living shorter lifespans.

But it’s only ONE DAY you say.

Yes, and i want you to celebrate the hell out of it.  Decorate your home until Cupid himself has to come and see it.  Squeeze your sweeties so hard they break a rib or tickle them until they pee in their pants.  Or on your pants.  Ding dong ditch neighbors and leave a pair of new red socks, whatever.


You could hug. Kiss. Plan a class party full of heart-healthy friendship activities. I’ll even let you bake a cake- yes!  I will!  But from scratch- no processed cake boxes.  And don’t eat the rest tomorrow, lol, and then with coffee the day after that.  Let children put raspberries on each finger.  Make hot chocolate using real cocoa- not from corn syrup solids. Have some decadent bites of good quality 70% dark chocolate! And long-stem berries… oh so beautiful.

Just leave out the cheap crap.  It makes you look bad anyways. 😉  I’m telling you this because i love you.

FYI:  This is what we are stuffing those decorated shoeboxes with- hope there aren’t any maze or fortune haters in the room, because then I’ll be the one in trouble.


It’s not too late to return what you’ve already bought.  What are YOUR children handing out this year?


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