Farmer’s Market Inspiration

Meet Farmer David Moreno of Moreno Farms near Scottsdale, AZ, USA.


As i stood at his produce stand on this warm, sunny day with breezes swirling the blossom scents of the Sonoran Desert all around me- I couldn’t help but feel appreciation that Mr. Moreno loaded his big, white truck filled with crates and boxes full of all this beautiful real food and brought it to me and my community for this special food event- a Farmer’s Market.

With vibrant green grass under my faded flip flops, i walked up and down, up and down, inspecting and deciding- before making my final purchase of… just about everything he sold.

Being an appointed volunteer Ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Community, you just know I couldn’t resist fresh local citrus like oranges, grapefruit and lemons or a hearty cooking ingredient like a yellow onion or the dependability of a head of garlic wrapped tightly like a present just waiting to be opened.

But then there were beautiful, healthy green beans in a basket he grew on his farm, red onions, and i still have never met a Brussel sprout that i didn’t like.  His ripe red tomatoes, plump with juice, were flirting with me and hipster kale was like, “you know you’re leaving with me.”

Then the cucumbers and cantaloupe were waving me down saying, “You’re daughter loves us!”  And i was like, “I’m so glad you are here!” LOL.

My silly random thoughts were happily interrupted when i look over to my right and see this… silly random kids eating carrots as big as their arm.  LOVE!


So basically, i indulged.  I made the farmer’s day, and he made mine.  I made a special trip with my heavy bags to my car parked in the shade with its windows rolled down before I quickly retraced my steps for some lemon garlic orzo pasta made locally as well.

Back in my kitchen, I was inspired by the beautiful bounty, and made this colorful dish…

 Lemon Garlic Orzo w/ Farmer’s Market Veg.


 So visit your local market this Spring and meet your farmer!

Get silly, get local, get inspired and get cooking!


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4 Responses to Farmer’s Market Inspiration

  1. shandra locken says:

    Which market was this? I am local so I would love to check it out.

    • RealFoodie says:

      It was a one time thing! But I’m sure you’ve been to the one in Old Town, right? Also, i discovered another special one. It is Pima and Thomas i believe- on the east side of the freeway. It is called Singh Farms, I think, and you can go there i believe on Saturdays from 9 to 2- worth checking it out to walk around and enjoy the beautiful “Narnia-like” setting.

  2. Farmers markets are special places, indeed. It sounds like you brought home enough food to eat for days!

  3. RealFoodie says:

    We go through a lot of food in this house! If we make too much, my mom and sister are both only a half of a block away, so we are constantly cooking and sharing!

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