Why This Blog?

Experts recommend a food journal.  I recommend a junk food journal.  This blog’s focus began with urging parents to track the amount of treats presented to kids on a daily/weekly basis and why it’s important so you can stay in the pediatrician recommended range of 2 to 3 treats per week.  It was my first hand account in real time, of my struggle, or as i like to say, “food fight.”

After one year, it has evolved to focusing on the beauty and fun of real food.  I used to be a bit embarrassed to stand out in a crowd and say No to fake food.  BUT NOW I AM PROUD. My family and I became powerful and in control of our food and food education. I    stand up for real food and am not timid about it. I am cooking more at home, and everyone who knows me, knows i am synonymous with real food and “no junk.” I like to do freelance writing, food photography and connect with people through social media.

So, this is what i wrote when i first started my blog, enjoy:

I drink matcha green tea and strong coffee.  I eat gluten-free frozen yogurt and custard.  I eat sushi and red meat.  And I’m probably as confused as anyone as to what to feed our kids.  But i know what not to feed them.  Apples with peanut butter?  Good.  Vanilla flavored milk?  Bad.  Popcorn seeds popped in olive oil?  Good.  A sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles?  Very bad.  Naughty.

If we want to eat badly, that’s our own choice.  We know better.  But it is our responsibility to teach all children what to eat.  Businesses want to make money off your kid. They want to make it so sugary, fun and colorful that they just can’t resist.  We need to clear out the noise and develop their taste buds for real food, not processed junk food.  Who’s with me?  This is where places of education need to step it up.  Room moms and fellow parents need to step it up.  Food manufacturers need to step it up.  I need to step it up.  Please don’t hand my kid a lollipop and then smile at me like you just did me and my child a favor.  I am so over that. Feed them healthy, run around with them- and then i know you really care about us.  Giving them three juice boxes at a playdate “because they were thirsty” makes me think twice before i friend you on Facebook. (kidding.)

When I first had kids, and was re-introduced to the land of sugar, I couldn’t believe the amount of junk that went into those perfect, little bodies on a weekly basis.  Once I became aware of the rise in cases of children with diabetes and obesity, it was GAME OVER.  Wake. Up. America.  Put in a new quarter and choose “start a new game.”

My philosophy?  I guess I can sum it up by…eat birthday cake.  Trick or Treat as late as people will let you. Go after that parade candy!  As fast as you can before another kid gets it!  Now have some candy and throw the rest out.  Don’t eat two orange pumpkin heads full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and chocolate eyeballs.  Halloween lasts but one night- not the whole month.  But don’t fear my child, more treats are probably just a day away.  And remember what your Pediatrician recommends? Two to three treats a week!  We are so screwed. Try, try, and try again.  This gives a whole new meaning to food fight.

7 Responses to Why This Blog?

  1. 5353535 says:

    Amy… I soooo feel your pain with the people that are so happy to give our kids sugar with that Willie Wonka smile… I see them EVERYWHERE all day long. My latest fight is the soda fight. My daughter has friends that drink soda daily, and are actually allowed to have soda anytime they want to! They drink it when they are ‘thirsty’! Forget the water… actually one little girl said to me “I need the sugar to wake me up.. I will be having a busy day”!!! She was eight. I am the “mean” mom, because if I take these friends with us, I don’t let them have that junk. I think soda is deadly. Soda is all chemicals. There is nothing good in it. Nothing good about it (except the taste). If you have to have it, at least get the kind without the artificial colors and flavors. Those are just extra poison in addition to the sugar!

    Everywhere you go Amy… It is a tough ride to teach kids to eat properly. I can’t even go to the bank anymore at the drive through because the kids hear “HOW MANY LOLLIPOPS DO YOU WANT”… Mean Mom MEAN!…

    Three treats a week is tough. I am trying. Homemade ice pops have been a saving grace. Apple uice or orange juice that takes a long time to eat on a hot day… Perfect!

    I also bought extra pretty pieces of china, and if I do give a piece of dark chocolate it is on the prettiest plate and looks like a piece of gold. They love it and savor it.

    I thank my Mom with every part of my being for being the “mean” mom… Actually we thought she was pretty cool.. She made eating healthy fun for us. We were always exploring new things from the health food store. I still eat that way because of her. She was ahead of her time, and had us try everything. We never felt deprived.

    It is even tougher these days due to the lack in exercise. We have to get these kids moving! That is another story….

    Love your blog.. Looking forward to more

    • Thank you for your supportive comments! They mean the world to me and I’m sure to anyone else who may read this who could use strength for this food fight! I told my kids that the bank doesn’t hand out suckers anymore because of the recession…LOL. It was the first quick thing i could think of!

  2. Love your philosophy! My daughter is now 20 years old so I personally don’t see how bad it’s gotten. It was bad enough 15 years ago. Sugar and junk food needs an anti-publicity campaign. It’s so ubiquitous and entrenched that it’s hard to see how to tackle such a thing.

  3. I’m with you!! Would love for you to join the conversation on my blog (http://school-bites.com) and/or facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/SchoolBites)

  4. genext13 says:

    Amy, I loved your presentation today at Whole Foods! I agree that we need to monitor our kids’ treats. I started out with organic foods for my children but as they have grown older, I find that increasingly difficult to manage. I have personally switched to a plant-strong diet and I am slowly incorporating it into my family meals. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!

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